The House in the Woods

Maahenki 2010
“Since the badgers moved in, the house has become part on Nature. It was empty for some time, now inhabited again, but there is no going back. Nature will reclaim what was hers. The place, on loan for a while, will return to the great cycle. Timber will rot, insulation will decompose, and the roofing felt will crumble to pieces. Concrete will break down, iron will grow rusty. Class stands time but soon it, tooi, will be buried under detritus, break whwn thw frost turns over the ground and finally it will turn into tiny little splinters like quartz sand.”
A project, realized together with the photographer Kai Fagerström and the poet Risto Rasa, which was looking for new inhabitants in buildings abandoned by man. The houses are said to be deserted, but in many of them there live badgers, raccoons, foxes, various small mammals, bats and many other animals.

The project gave birth to a book and a photography-exhibition. There is an English edition of the book, “The House in the Woods”, and also a German one, “Die Letzten Gäste”.

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