On the Eagle-Owl-Hill

Maahenki 2008
Above the eagle-owl, in the constellation of Perseus, a light is shining that does not belong there. It is the Holmes’ comet, flashing along in space at unbelievable speed, in whose core there occurred a violent eruption a couple of weeks ago. The released gas and dust are seen as a growing, slowly dimming circle of light, which sets itself right in the top of the tallest pine, as if to decorate the tree to celebrate the moment.  The comet travels along two hundred and fifty million kilometres away, and we are standing in the night at Hyypiä Hill. Chance brought the eagle-owl between us, as part of a limitless whole.”
This was a co-operation-project together with my good friend, photographer Leo Vuorinen. It described the annual cycle on the eagle-owl hill. At the same time we were looking for the lost eagle-owl – a bird that in ancient days was considered having contacts with the Lower World and the souls of the dead.  The pictures penetrate the twilight and darkness of night, where the eagle-owls live together with some neighbours.

”I move away from the circle of light of the campfire, and the night surrounding me becomes pitch-dark. Little by little my eyes adapt and the sparse light from the stars twinkling in the sky is enough for perceiving the familiar landscape. However, I cannot distinguish any details. There in the dark a group of animals are moving, but I, a day-time wanderer, have only a vague idea of their doings. I am in the world of the eagle-owl, unfamiliar and strange.”

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