Maahenki ja Musta taide 2014
The animal is deep in man. During our entire existence it has been important to observe other species as potential prey, dangerous predators, to read the events in the environment or to learn. Many an important invention has been made observing animals and studying their special characteristics – animals form a solid part of the development of our species.

We harbour a wish to observe animals. A wish to understand and to watch admiringly, to make pictures. Man has made pictures of animals for almost forty millennia. Painted, carved, hammered, sculptured, modelled… In caves, on rocks, in clay, in bones and horns, in trees, in hides, in its own skin… Pictures that well from great respect and from the animals’ symbolic meaning in our life.”

A project realized together with the Swedish photographer Mats Andersson was, as indicated by its name, concentrated on encounters with animals. They meet each other, and we meet them, both on a physical and a spiritual level.

The project gave birth to a photography-book and an exhibition. The Swedish and English editions were financed by the authors.

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